What Can a Buyer and Seller Do?

3 Ways to prepare so you’re ready when this is over.

Recently, the federal government and New York State have deemed Real Estate an “essential” service. Real Estate has been, and always will be a pillar of our economy. Equally important is the many who have serious, pressing, and sometimes urgent needs that require the purchase and sale of a property. Not being able to do this could have a tremendously negative impact on those in need of such a transaction.

For one reason or another, regardless of what is going on in the world, there’s always someone with a need to buy, sell, or rent a property. Some of you may have been in the process before the recent events of the current pandemic, and others may have been getting ready to do so. If you are someone who needs to make a move in the near future, then this is for you. While we’re not currently allowed to physically show homes, we have some tips to help you get ready for when you are.


For the Buyers

  1. Get Pre-approved Now

    This one is for the future home buyers out there. We’re expecting a lot of buyer demand when we’re finally allowed to physically show homes again here in Queens. Mortgage brokers and lenders are still working so what better time to start the conversation and get things moving? After all, you’ll want to be prepared when you find your dream home. Many of which you’re probably viewing online now.

  2. Talk a Trusted Local Realtor

    Now that you’ve been in your home constantly for the past month, you’ve probably had a good amount of time to think about what’s working and what isn’t. Jump on Zoom or a call and start the conversation. Learn about the buying process and start looking online for homes.

  3.  Get Ready

    Once you have your pre-approval and you’ve spoken to your realtor then you should be watching the market closely. This way when the right deal comes along you’ll know it, and you’ll be ready.



For the Homeowners

  1. Know Your Value

    This is the perfect time to discover what your home is worth in this market. Let us know and we will gladly prepare a comprehensive report showing you what your home is worth.

  2. Small Projects

    Now is the ideal time for those projects you didn’t have time to do before. If you are looking for the best return on your investment then we have some great ideas for you.

  3. Create a Plan

    If you do decide to sell after learning what your home is worth then it’s a good idea to start preparing now. We can create a plan so that we time the market to get you the most money and into another place at the right time.

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