Understanding The Effects of Color In Your Home

Your paint choices have a significant impact on your home. Not only can color determine your living space’s overall aesthetic, but it can also influence your mood and set the right tone for your guests or potential buyers. For instance, Do you want your space to feel comfy and serene 

or trendy and dramatic? Or, perhaps your family’s style is somewhere in between. Here are five color inspirations that can enhance your 

mood and your home.


Inspired by Nature 

Are you spending a lot of time indoors? Consider adding more natural elements. Shades of sunny 

yellow, soft brown, and deep green can open up your space and make it feel more calming.


Uplifting Hues 

Trendy tones — like Pantone’s Ultimate Gray and Illuminating — make statement. Or you could use 

Benjamin Moore’s Aegean Teal as an accent color, adding light and vibrancy to an entire room.


Rich Jewel Tones 

Do you want an elegant and luxurious aesthetic? Bold magenta, deep blue, and royal purple 

can help you create more dramatic spaces.


Classic Neutrals 

Use deep gray or soft taupe to create a clean, minimalistic palette. And the best part? 

These colors are timeless and pair well with nearly any home decor. 


Warm and Cozy 

Encourage feelings of warmth and positivity with desert-inspired hues such as rust and soft pink. 

A soothing color, like apricot, could be perfect in a bedroom or nursery.



The right color palette can evoke the feelings you want in your new home or the home you’re looking to sell. 

We’re happy to consult on the most attractive approach to a potential buyer if you’re thinking of selling. Give us a call

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