Three Of Our Favorite Food Trucks in Astoria | 2022

Best known for its diverse restaurants on Broadway and Ditmars, Astoria also has some of the best food trucks you can find in Queens (in our opinion, that is). As said by NY Eater, “Few neighborhoods anywhere in New York can rival the diversity of cuisine running through Astoria, from storied Greek institutions and fresh seafood to Brazilian and Thai.” We’ve chosen three of our favorite food trucks in Astoria that give a range of classic to hip. All equally spaced out on the three major streets of Astoria (Steinway, Broadway, and Ditmars), these are accessible classics wherever you find yourself in the neighborhood.

Our first stop takes us just a short walk off the Broadway stop, King Souvlaki. This eatery serves simple Greek such as souvlaki & gyros with hand-cut fries. Cited directly from their own website, “After many years of working on hot dog and pretzel carts on the streets of New York City, Lefteris decided to open up his own cart. In 1979 he opened a souvlaki cart serving authentic hand skewered souvlaki, grilled over hardwood charcoal and the rest is history.” A local gem, we recommend sticking with the classics if it’s your first time—souvlaki, gyros, and fries.

The next truck is right off the Ditmars stop, last stop off the N/W train line in Astoria. King of Falafel is one of our personal favorites when it comes to Middle Eastern fare. They also have a sit down restaurant on Broadway and 31st St., but this article is about food trucks. Renowned for their quick service and exceptional customer service, King of Falafel is sure to surpass any Middle Eastern cuisine you’ve had yet. Be sure to order chicken on rice or shawarma with a side of felafel and you can’t be disappointed. 

Our last truck is only in Astoria on Fridays, but it’s worth the trip! Foodie famous Bodega Truck have coined themselves as “NY’s First & Only Specialty Chop Cheese Truck,” serving all things chop cheese from fries to chicken sandwiches. Located on Steinway and 30th Ave on Fridays only, be sure to put this food truck high on your hit list. Featured November 2021 on hit Youtube channel First We Feast, they’ve amassed a large cult following that love their fresh take on bodega cuisine. We recommend their O.G. sandwich to start but don’t overlook the chop cheese fries!

These are our three favorites, all classics of the neighborhood that best show off the new and the old. Of course there are dozens more, and maybe we left out your favorite. Leave us a comment below if you think we forgot your favorite quick bite in the neighborhood! 

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