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Six Indoor and Outdoor Plants For Beginners

Whether you are moving into a new space or looking to stage your home to sell, an added touch of greenery can create a welcoming and peaceful presence in your space. No one has to have a “green thumb” to use these plants to amplify a space if beauty and comfort. Check out six of our favorites, three hardy indoor and three outdoor plants that add value and vibe to any space.

Indoor Plants


With its exceptional tolerance for neglect, a philodendron is an ideal pick to hang near any corner. Also referred to as a heart-leaf, its long vines and leaves can add volume to an empty space and fill it with character. Treat with minimal watering and place in indirect sunlight for this plant to thrive.

Snake Plant

The snake plant has a reputation of being one of easiest plants to own. It’s a fantastic addition to any home and, the best part about these plants is they love low-light. Water them every other week and use them in areas that don’t get a lot of light to amplify the space and raise the oxygen level.

ZZ Plant

The ZZ plant, short for its proper latin name, Zamioculcas zamiifolia, originated from drought-prone Africa. 

Unsurprisingly, the ZZ plant can withstand low-light and low amounts of watering. It’s dark and waxy leaves 

help reflect light to brighten up any room. Proceed with caution though, this plant is poisonous. Make sure 

it is out of reach of children and pets and wash your hands after handling it to avoid irritation.


Left to Right: Philodendron, Snake Plant, ZZ Plant

Outdoor Plants


These plants have tall flower plumes and attractive foliage. Astilbe’s experience one long bloom per year and you won’t need to trim away dead flower buds. All you’ll need to do is plant them in an area that experiences a little afternoon shade and trim the dead leaves in fall or spring to make room for new growth.


Most commonly seen hanging in window boxes, geraniums amplify any space and only need minimal care. Plant them outside after the winter frost and water whenever the soil is dry. With attention to watering and deadheading, geraniums will reward you with vibrant colors all spring and summer.

Russian Sage

These plants thrive through the toughest conditions. Loved for its fragrant foliage and beautiful lavender colored flowers, this shrub will make a beautiful addition to any exterior garden space. All these plants need is trimming in early spring and late summer to curb its lateral growth.

Left to Right: Astible, Geranium, Russian Sage

Local Options

Whether you’re trying to amplify your indoor or outdoor spaces, there are great stores in Astoria and Northwest Queens that provide expertise and product. Be sure to check out some of these great locations:

  • Off Broadway Floral Events – A great Astoria local for indoor and outdoor plants.
  • Dithers Flower Shop – Located on the last stop of the N/W train, go here for great indoor plants and flowers.
  • Home Depot – Pro tip: always check the sales at your closest Home Depot gardening section for great deals.
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